About the project

Many people have respiratory difficulties that make it hard to breathe in hotter weather. We would like to alleviate this issue by creating an umbrella that has a built-in humidifier to provide cool mist to the user so they can have more freedom without worrying about possible issues breathing. The umbrella will have an integrated design that will include a cooling system, humidity and temperature detection, humidifier, control unit, and a power supply with possible power generation by using solar panels. Some goals are not only to keep the cost down but to also keep the umbrella light and easy to use.

During the summer, many people that have respiratory difficulties cannot go outside due to the temperature and the humidity. They instead are hunkered down indoors near a humidifier unable to go anywhere. This prevents people from living their day to day lives and stops people from doing something as simple as walking their dog. Our customers would like an easy to use, a portable humidifier that would provide cool air in the design of something like an umbrella. In the current marketplace, there is no portable cold humidifier that can reliably keep a steady humidity rating and temperature. A simple implementation of humidifiers onto umbrellas have been manufactured by previous companies but lack proper embedded humidity and temperature sensing. Our humidifier umbrella would fill in a niche market of affordable portable respiratory aid. Target consumers would be lung cancer and multiple sclerosis patients, but broader consumers would want a device to keep them cooler during hot summer days